25 Best Burgers in America

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Photo: Courtesy of The Daily Meal

Recently MSN Living’s Food & Drink section posted a story on the 25 best burgers in America via The Daily Mill. With burgers from some well know as well as small ‘Mom & Pop burger joints’, the selection was astounding. Burgers that were as unique as the cities that own them. With the number five selection there is no exception. The Santa Fe Bite, located inside the Garrett’s Desert Inn in Santa Fe New Mexico was number five on the list with their Green Chili Cheeseburger. This amazing burger isn’t the only green chili cheeseburger you will find in New Mexico, but the most well know and the best in our opinion of course. Complete with and a 10 ounce ground chuck patty, cooked to temperature preference and then covered atop with authentic New Mexico green Chili, white American cheese and held together with a locally baked ciabatta style bun. This culinary feat wouldn’t be complete with the Santa Feb Bite‘s own home fries, sweet potato fries or potato wedges.


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